My name is Louise Berthu, visual designer & art director living in Stockholm. Design has been my passion for servral years. My curiosity and dedication makes me always wanting to create great things.

I am a typography nerd and passionate designer. I am strong with visual concepts, experience with layouts and braking typographic rules.

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Louise Berthu

2012-2015 Graphic Design / Malmö university 2010 Final Art / Malmö university 2010 Fotografik / Linnæus university 2010 Digital Illustration / Linnæus university 2009 Datateknik, Informationsteknologi / Mittuniversitetet

2017– Graphic designer/Art Director / Zound Industries 2016–2017 Junior Graphic designer / Zound Industries 2015–Nov Graphic designer / Rethink, Copenhagen 2014 Fall Internship / Kolossal, Lund 2014–2015 Visual designer, / Auranest, 2014– Frilance Graphic Designer

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Glyphs, Sketch, Keynote, Typography, Layout, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Front-end, .html, .CSS, .Javascript, Branding, Print isn’t dead, UI/UX, English, Swedish.

Nominated for the Swedish Design Awards 2015 / Information – Print

Cap&Design Portoflio, 2017